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Ladycook offer a wide range of modular & civil kitchens. Ladycook is the first choice for all women operated kitchens.

From sliding wardrobe to hinged wardrobe to walk in wardrobe infinity offers options for all kinds of concepts.
TV Units

At Ladycook Sincerely our skilled design team use computer aided design software, we can create for you an ideal Tv Unit.

About Ladycook Associates

Welcome to Ladycook, queen of kitchens

Quality statements: To serve & delight the customers for long run with Top class products
Our Mision: To not only pay attention towards cooking needs in a kitchen for a lady but also works as a healthcare in context of physical movements & serving hygienic food
Our Vision: "A Ladycook in every home allowing the best of kitchen designs with best components available."
Our Promise: To deliver top quality products with excellent craftsmanship to the lady consumers while meeting their kitchen needs, with innovative and effective solutions.

Company profile

Our company Ladycook Associates located at Pitampura, has an experience of 5 years in Modular kitchen industry, hence we understand the consumer taste very well. It is another business line of Narula builders who is into construction business for more than 10 years and has accomplished various top class residential projects. In 2011 we launched our kitchen brand "Ladycook" and have forged ahead since then with more variety & better services for our customers with Kitchen Interior & Wardrobes.

We offer a wide range of modular & civil kitchens, which are tailor made to suit your individual & unique requirements. Our dedicated team of experts is more than pleased to assist you from the time you contact us till your kitchen is satisfactorily completed at site. 

Why Ladycook

Ladycook is the first choice for all women operated kitchens because we understand all women cooking needs keeping quality , reliability, comfortability & authenticity into consideration. Now Modular kitchens are no more called "Modular," it’s "Ladycook" Kitchen because every home has a lady cook.

As Ladycook kitchens has become the new style statement for the modern homemaker, more and more modern families are opting for it over handmade/carpenter kitchens.

Here are few reasons why Ladycook kitchen is definitely a better than handmade / carpenter kitchens.
  • Takes Care of Cook’s health:

We design our Ladycook kitchens in such a way that do not let the lady cook to make some unwanted body movements. Now even in pregnancy, Ladycook is more convenient than any other brand because women’s health is first priority for us.

  • Germs free:

The Raw material use for handmade is not environment friendly which causes several external diseases for human being. This even contains bacteria, makes the food unhygienic. The biggest disadvantage is that kitchen can be attacked by termite any time but the raw material used by Ladycook passes all the quality certifications. In simple words it is 100% water proof & termite proof.

  • Unlimited design options:

A handmade kitchen would give you a limited number of design options. An typical dabba drawer, a cutlery drawer and a ordinary thali drawer, that’s it! But kitchen brands like Ladycook, Queen of Kitchens, give you numerous options for smart and effective usage of your kitchen space. Wall hangings, rotating tall units, lift-up flaps, soft-closing drawers are all good things of Ladycook kitchen.

  • Value for money:

Though the hand-made kitchen seems like a reasonable solution in the beginning, it ends up being an expensive affair. The carpenter will keep adding material and services as he progresses. And in the end, when you calculate, you will realize the price has crossed the quotation the Ladycook kitchen company gave you. So you not only end up paying more for a hand-made kitchen, but you also don’t get the functionality, innovation, excellent finish and look of a Ladycook kitchen. And don’t forget… the frustrating days when you have to tolerate the banging and the mess in your kitchen.

  • Optimum space management:

Innovative tall kitchen units can store all your food containers in a small 2ft x 2ft space. Corner units transform your wasted corner space into the most useful one. Innovations like these can only be found in a Ladycook kitchen.

  • Superb finish:

check the naked edges and uneven finish of a carpenter kitchen, and compare it to the smooth, fine finish of a Ladycook kitchen. It is unparalleled. Another advantage of the machine-made shutters of Ladycook kitchens is that every shutter is evenly finished, and has no open edges. This ensures that no bacteria or pests enter the cabinets, and you have a clean hygienic kitchen.

  • No mess, no stress:

carpenter kitchens always result into lot of mess, noise and dust are the side effects of handmade kitchens. Not to mention the tension and irritation that can affect your work as well. Getting your meals too becomes a problem. But when you order a factory-fitted Ladycook Kitchen, all it takes is a couple of days for installation. No mess, no dust, no noise. It’s easy and hassle free.

  • After Sales Service:

With a hand-made kitchen, there is no guarantee for replacement or regular service. But with kitchen companies like Ladycook, Queen of Kitchens, you will not only get easy replacements but also a regular service contract that will ensure that your kitchen remains in perfect working condition always.

Ladycook, Queen of Kitchens provides you with the design expertise, and world class kitchen solutions to turn your kitchen into a new, fresh, vibrant and a complete mood-setter for an amazing kitchen experience.