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From sliding wardrobe to hinged wardrobe to walk in wardrobe infinity offers options for all kinds of concepts.
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Walk In Wardrobes

Walk In Wardrobe

A walk-in closet is defined as a closet that has enough room for at least one person to enter it. It is often attached like a small room to a bigger one (usually a bedroom). The size and dimensions of the closet depend entirely on the amount of space available in your home to accommodate it.

Having a Ladycook walk-in closet will give you plenty of room to store your belongings and usually adds value to your home should you ever decide to sell it.

Create More Room

A standard walk-in closet is about three feet in width and six feet tall. There are also many types of closets that extend along your wall and serve the purpose. If you choose to build a walk-in closet directly into the walls of your room, Ladycook assures double check with your local building authority for the necessary information on permits and standards before beginning your project. By taking advantage of a Ladycook walk-in closet system , Ladycook Clients can clear up space from the rest of the room but storing all their clothes and accessories inside it. No more excessive dressers, shelves and racks in your room cluttering it, everything can fit inside the closet allowing Ladycook Clients to take better advantage of the space inside the bedroom.

Comfort and Efficiency

The purpose of the walk-in closet is to organize our belongings in a way that we can find something easily when we need it. Shelves, Drawers, Mirrors and light fixtures will likely have to be incorporated into closet , and if we have the space and budget maybe even things like dressing tables and chairs! Walk-in closets should be designed to sufficiently store and organize your clothes, bags, shoes, and other accessories. The key here is to purchase the right closet organizer to ensure that we can easily sort our belongings in a logical fashion. We don't ever want to have an unorganized closet because there isn't enough room or shelving in our closet .

Walk-in Closets Double as a Dressing Room

By adding a mirror to walk-in closet We instantly create an environment to try on multiple different outfits without much difficulty putting them away and getting something new. The walk-in closet also provides Ladycook clients with extra privacy as even someone in the same bedroom can't see them inside the closet , so We can feel free to try on even the most ridiculous of outfits in complete comfort and security. All in all, the benefits of a walk-in closet far outweigh whatever disadvantages may possibly exist from owning a walk-in closet. By vacuuming and dusting regularly, we ensure the continued quality of our clothes, and by installing the right organization system you save time and space in the rest of the room.